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About Brittney

Brittney Walker is a walking, talking, baking contradiction. Whoever would’ve thought that one of New Orleans great bakers would have gone from Walmart Baker to Meter Maid to using her own daughter’s birthday cake to give birth to one of the city’s most successful female enterprises. The motivation and key for this pastry genius was the simple birthday cake for her daughter Bailey. But this was more than a cake! It was a single mother pouring survival into an uncertain future, creativity and love into a batter, that would become the inspiration for the B Sweets Brand that so many celebrate today. Brittney thought she was just baking a cake, but like so many women who are responsible for so much...every stirring mix, every ingredient represented the hard knocks of life’s challenges and hurdles she thought she could control. B Sweets put her life into that cake, her spirit into that cake, and it became the symbol of her success today. 


B Sweets as Brittney is called, makes everything tip of the tongue perfect. Her passion for taste, and her desire to make sure she captures her clients’ wishes, from their taste buds to their soulful satisfaction, has made B Sweets pastries a must at any party or event. This humble baker is so good at her craft that she makes the impossible possible. Tell her what you want and she’ll find the ingredients. Tell her what you want it to look like, and she’ll make the dessert look like an award winning design. As a matter of fact, B Sweets is so good at using your thoughts to give you the best product and design, that many of her clients will tell you it looks too good to eat. But, once you taste these passionate creations, there’ll be nothing left, not even a marcel or a crumb!

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